What do we provide?…

Kitchman Consulting delivers IT Peace of Mind for Home or Office

IT Peace of Mind

Business Services

Whether you’ve run your business on a Mac from day one or you’re just making the switch, let us handle the installation and training. We integrate Macs,, configure networks and servers, custom configure and securely deploy fleets of iPads, and train your team to get the most out of their technology.  Here are some of the other services we provide:

  • Business Networking
  • Apple Technology Assessments
  • Mobile Device Management / Deployment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Employee Training
  • Networking and Wi-Fi Security
  • POS Implementation
  • Backup Solutions and Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud services
  • Cyber Security
  • Email Implementation/Support
  • Hosted Solutions
  • Managed services
  • Office 365
  • Smart Home / Business Installations and support
  • System monitoring
  • VPN Setup
  • Asset Management
Business Services

Home Services

Whether you want to move your information from your PC to your new Mac or your old Mac needs a tune-up, we can help you out. We offer in-home training on all your devices, as well as setting up wireless networks, tuning up machines that seem to be bogged down. Here are some of our offerings for individuals:

Home Services
  • Home Networking
  • Printer Setup
  • Apple Technology Assessments
  • Backup Solutions & TimeMachine Solutions
  • iPhone, iPad, & iCloud Training
  • Cyber Security
  • Email Implementation/Support
  • Home Automation
  • PC to Mac Migration
  • Mac Tune-ups
  • Office 365
  • Ram Upgrades SSD/RAM
  • Smart Home Installations and support
  • Sonos Setup
  • System monitoring
  • Training
  • Troubleshooting

Managed Services

Kitchman Monitoring Plan

  • Powerful error detection
  • Lightweight Agent
  • Support Menu option
  • >Monitors:
    • Backup Systems
    • Server Software
    • Available Disk Space
    • Hard Drive & SSD Errors
    • MacBook Batteries
    • System Memory
    • Networks
    • RAID Systems
  • Malware Detection
  • System Demographics
  • Expiration Tracking
  • Maintenance based on your users’ schedules
  • Inventory & Health Reports

Kitchman Cyber Security Plan

  • MalwareBytes
  • Scan and Remove Malware
  • Cisco Umbrella blocks sites
  • Hourly checks
  • Daily Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Help Desk communications

Kitchman Maintenance Plan

  • Includes Monitoring & Cyber plans
  • Software updates for your apps
  • Over 200 software update packages
  • Maintenance based on your users’ schedules
  • Backup and Purge of Cache files
  • Cleaning System Caches
  • Scans of commonly infected files
  • Permission Repairs
  • Removal of Common adware garbage
  • Extended memory testing
  • Extended Hard Drive & SSD Testing
  • Repair of soft issues with Drives
  • Priority Service
  • Onsite Tech support
  • Help desk support
  • Much more